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Blogger Picks: Nicole Simone

Nicole Simone, also fondly known as curvesonabudget, has a gift for making things look, ironically, expensive. And this is a major compliment. We've learned from this beauty, that confidence adds value. Take a lesson from her, and see how you can pull together affordable pieces to create an outfit that is runway worthy.

Posh Shoppe is honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with Nicole. Showcased below are her pictures in a couple of Posh Shoppe pieces (see her Instagram account for complete outfit details). See how the master mixes and matches to create unique and tasteful looks.Also shown below, are her other Posh Shoppe selections for fall/winter 2016.


Love Nicole? We do too~

Keep up with this lovely lady, if you aren't totally crushin on her already.

INSTAGRAM @curvesonabudget13

SNAPCHAT curvesonabudget

BLOG curvesonabudget.com

All images of Nicole, courtesy of Nicole Simone.

See her account for outfit details

Photography: Starnisha Rollins-Campbell

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