How to dress professionally with curves

What you wear to work is important. You are presenting an image of yourself to the people you work with, and you represent the company to everyone else. But you also want to express yourself, show some confidence, and look fashionable. Here’s how you can do both.

Dressing modestly with a bit of flare

Just because you have to dress modest doesn’t mean you can’t add some flare to your outfit. There’s a lot you can do with your colors, patterns, and accessories, so you can show off some style at work if you want to without breaking your office dress code.

Some appropriate accessories include scarves, earrings, quality handbags, and belts. There’s so much you can do to express yourself within the confines of your office dress code.

Avoid wearing uncomfortable clothing

If you’re going to be at the office all day, you need to wear something you can be comfortable in for hours. When your comfortable, you can focus on your work without getting distracted by what you’re wearing or how it’s making you look.

Include a good pair of flats or loafers, comfortable enough for a long day of work and fashionable enough to go with a variety of professional outfits.

Outfits you should use in your wardrobe

Every workwear wardrobe needs to have a good blazer that can be dressed up or dressed down. This means you should also have some breathable blouses or everyday tees you can match them with. You don’t need to compromise between looking stylish and being comfortable.

You can go beyond the typical work pantsuit and for a more business casual look by pairing the top part of your pantsuit with a work-appropriate pair of jeans.

Use clothes you can mix and match to keep it fresh

Wearing the same thing day in and day out is not a good idea. To keep it fresh, have some mix and match outfits you can use in a pinch, so you don’t have to rely on the same dress or pantsuit every day. So, the next time you buy a top, think about how it will look beyond the one outfit you have in mind.

You can do a lot with a good pair of slacks, using them in plenty of outfits without looking repetitive. White tee shirts also go with almost anything you pair them with, so you should always have a few on hand with different necklines to add some variety.

Be confident in what you wear

Don’t think twice about what other people think about your outfit. You dress for yourself, not to please other people. If you try to dress for other people, you’re not going to feel good about what you’re wearing.

Confidence in your work environment is key. It shows people you mean business and that you take pride in what you do.

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