Plus-size fashion tips for the spring

Plus-size fashion tips for the spring

Spring fashion can be tricky, especially for plus-size women. Now’s the time to look stylish, wear bold colors, and add some extra life to our wardrobe. But when many big-name fashion brands aren’t selling what we’re looking for, what are we supposed to do?

1. Now is the time for layering

With temperatures warming up again, we can start to shed some of our heavy coats and sweaters. But it’s still cold enough to use some layers in your daily wardrobe. That’s why spring is one of my favorite fashion seasons.

You have so many possibilities of what you can layer and what you can wear. You can mix and match your coats with lighter clothing underneath, giving you many opportunities with textures, colors, and patterns. Winter is gone, and now it’s time to shine into the summer.

2. Choose fabrics with some stretch for extra comfort

If you’re not comfortable, you won’t be you. Choose outfits that let your body breathe in the warmer and more humid weather. You need to move around without worrying about what your clothes are doing and how it’s making you look.

When you wear fabrics that stretch and move with your body, you’ll not only look better, but you’ll feel better. Be confident and strong with what you wear, and your body will show it.

3. Make sure you can take your layers off and on

When you layer in the spring, make sure you aren’t stuck with warm clothes as the weather warms through the day. The tricky thing with spring fashion is balancing staying warm and staying cool with the same outfit.

This means that you have to be prepared to wear the outfit underneath it all when you layer. Use removable cardigans, shaws, and wear breathable light fabrics. You should also try to wear comfortable underwear that won’t print as easily through your light materials under your layers.

4. Wear light colors

Darker colors trap heat which is great for the winter, but not so great for the spring. You want to match the energy of all the lively colors that come with spring, using reds, whites, yellows, and pastels in your outfits.

This is your chance to pop and show your confidence with the colors you wear. They can make you look happier and more inviting, radiating good energy wherever you go.  You can mix darker colors where you want less attention and lighter colors to draw people in, shaping how your body looks just by using color.

5. Spice it up with patterns

Wear tie-dye, floral, and tropical patterns to add some life to your outfit. We’re done with the dreary winter colors and ready for some more energy in the ways we dress. These patterns are great for the spring, totally in line with spring vibes and trends.

Don’t get stuck wearing boring professional wear to the office when you can bring some excitement with patterns. It’s both fashionable and professional, so why not spice it up with patterns?

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