How to get the perfect plus-size fit every time

I get it. 

You’ve probably looked through countless stores trying to find clothes that perfectly fit your figure. 

You’ve probably been let down by stores that don’t cater to your specific sizing needs. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

You can get that perfect fit every time without having to guess what size will fit you. 

And all of this is possible if you know your measurements. 

Know your measurements

The perfect fit begins with knowing your measurements. 

Here are the measurements you need to know to get that perfect fit:

  • Neck and bust
  • Waist and hips
  • Front and back
  • Arm length 
  • Shoulder width

This will ensure that the item will fit you right. 

Here at Posh Shoppe, every single item has its own sizing chart to make it easier to get the perfect fit. 

Here’s how to view the size chart for an item:



Shop at a plus-size clothing store

Even when clothes “fit”, they may not fit your body well. 

This is because many plus-size clothing options are just sized up versions of smaller sizes, ignoring different body shapes and their needs.

By shopping at a plus-size clothing store, you get to choose clothing designed with your body in mind, making your clothes more comfortable and flattering.

This is exactly how we approach sizing, here at Posh Shoppe.

We exclusively cater for plus size women who want a fashion forward look. 

We’re here to make sure we’ve got the best plus-size fits for you. 

That’s why all of our clothing uses stretchy fabric to help contour your body in a flattering manner, avoiding bulging or unsightly curves.

Posh Shoppe is the destination for your perfect fit

Posh Shoppe is an online plus-size clothing store with your perfect fit in mind. 

We clearly list all our measurements with our sizes, offer a satisfaction guarantee, and have a flexible return policy.  

Our clothing is made for you.

We use stretchy materials to give you maximum comfort and mobility throughout the day, giving you the freedom to move and feel good in your own skin.

Discover your best fit... Right here at Posh Shoppe 

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