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Don't like it? Exchange for 120% of your purchase price in store credit!

How to get the perfect plus-size fit every time

Finding clothes online that fit is hard, but finding plus-size clothing that fits is even harder. But don’t worry, there’s an easy way to make sure the clothes you buy online fit comfortably every time. You don’t have to guess which size might fit you or struggle with returning clothes that weren’t right for your body anymore.

Know your measurements

The easiest way to be sure a size will fit is to know your measurements. Many websites include measurements that correspond to their sizing, giving you an accurate idea of what will or will not fit you. Knowing your measurements is also a good idea because not all stores use the same sizing, meaning you can’t use the same size across different clothing brands.

Here are the measurements you should know:

  • Neck and bust
  • Waist and hips
  • Front and back
  • Arm length 
  • Shoulder width

Shop at a plus-size clothing store

Even when clothes “fit”, they may not fit your body well. This is because many plus-size clothing options are just sized up versions of smaller sizes, ignoring different body shapes and their needs. By shopping at a plus-size clothing store, you get to choose from clothing designed with your body in mind, making your clothes more comfortable and flattering.

The materials at a plus-size clothing store are also going to be different from what other brands use. For the best fits, stretchy fabrics are used in specific areas or throughout the entire outfit. This also helps to contour your body in an appealing way, avoiding bulging or unsightly curves.

Make sure your store has a good return policy

Ensuring the store you shop with has a good return policy is not only a good idea for plus-size clothing - it’s a good idea for buying any clothes online. Even when you get the measurements right and shop at an inclusive store, your clothes may still not fit your body. You never know how something will feel on your body until you get to try it on.

Good return policies not only make online shopping easier, but they also tell you if you can trust the quality of a store. A store that is confident in its quality and its comfort will be a lot more flexible with returns because they can expect their customers to be satisfied with their purchases. If you find a plus-size clothing store that doesn’t offer flexible returns or guarantees, don’t shop there.

Poshe Shoppe has your perfect fit

Poshe Shoppe is an online plus-size clothing store with your perfect fit. We clearly list all our measurements with our sizes, offer a satisfaction guarantee, and have a flexible return policy. Our clothing was made for you and only you. We use stretchy materials to give you maximum comfort and mobility throughout the day, giving you the freedom to move and feel good in your own skin.

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