19 Curly Weave Hairstyles: The Newest & BEST For 2022!

black girl with curly weave hairstyle
Whether you are a naturalista looking for a break from daily styling or a fashionista seeking ideas and inspiration for your new ‘do, we got you covered! Choosing a look that compliments your unique style is the key to happiness for at least the next 4-6 weeks. Try new colors, cuts, and curls while your natural hair is protected from harsh and repetitive styling. Plus, you’ll enjoy nonstop good hair days. Protecting your hair before the hair weaving process is just as important as the style. So, make sure you are thoroughly shampooing and moisturizing between hairstyles and using conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and scalp oil for healthy natural hair care.

We recommend the highest quality of weave, so that means going for the virgin human hair or remy hair brands that are of Indian, Brazilian, Peruvian, or Malaysian origins. High-quality human hair extensions are easier to manage, last for a very long time, and look 1000% more authentic than a synthetic weave. However, the synthetic weave has its benefits too, and is perfect for a cute and quick look change. Hair weave has always made beauty and versatility of style fun and that’s what makes weave so popular. Taking a break from straight hair, we are in a big mood for bold curls and beautiful coils. Girls with curls have a fun and flirty vibe with a flair for sophistication. Helping you get that bounce for your next hairdo, check out our top curly weave styles for 2022.


Curly Crochet

Model wearing curly crochet
Crocheting or latch hook weaving is a method that involves braiding your natural hair in a particular pattern and looping pieces of weave around those braids. A similar tool is used to latch the weave onto your braids as the tool used by crochet hobbyists when they make blankets and sweaters. You can have more hair added for a fuller look and there are so many curl patterns to choose from. This protective style is a favorite for naturalists and transitioning naturals because it’s easy and inexpensive to install.

Curly Pixie Cut

Teyana Taylor with curly pixie cut style
Short weave styles are so sleek and can completely change your look. A curly pixie cut is always in style and can be worn in a range of arenas from sporty to classy. Most might be hesitant to try the pixie cut but more often than not it looks romantic and charming on most women of all shapes and sizes. A short curly cut sure beats trying to tame your curls every morning and with tapered edges, you only need a few comb throughs and you're ready to go. This curly cut is especially favorable for the busy types or for those who would rather not spend lots of time on their hair.

Curly Boho Braids

Model wearing curly boho braids
This refreshing style gives the ultimate bohemian vibes with the bonus of curls and braids. Braids are no longer “just braids” or one size fits all. The hottest braid styles today have curls and waves added to create a soft, full look. Sometimes called Goddess Braids, this modern twist on box braids can be accessorized with a variety of beads, jewels, hair colors, and lengths.

Curly High Pony

Model wearing a high curly ponytail with side bangs
Take the curls up with a high ponytail for that youthful appearance. If you want to keep hair out of your face with a simple and sexy feel this hairstyle might be for you. The latest trend for this style is to wrap a piece of the weave hair around the base of the ponytail covering the scrunchie entirely. This gives a more put-together look and allows you to wear any color outfit without the color clashing with your hair ties. Remember to avoid excess tension when wearing ponytails because frequently wearing tight hairstyles could lead to hair loss and headaches.

Curly Frohawk

Model wearing a curly frohawk
Do you dare to rock your curls? Try a mohawk that proudly celebrates individuality and is super edgy. Sometimes called a frohawk, you can shave the sides like Mr. T, use gel to slick the sides up, or try a variety of African methods like upward braids or twists. The curly mohawk is easy to maintain because it lasts a good while without any additional styling needed and usually only requires that you wrap it up with a scarf at night to reduce frizz.

Curly Afro

Model wearing a curly afro
Nothing says bold quite like an afro, so do you have what it takes to make a statement? It's giving that 1980s Diana Ross vintage feel and this retro look will always be in style. There are many hair weave companies that sell kinky curly hair as tracks or crochet bundles to create a natural look. Maintaining the fullness of an afro is key, so to do this plait several sections at night with a satin bonnet and moisturize regularly.

Curly Double Buns

Model wearing curly double buns
Beam me up, Scotty! Double buns aka Space buns are great for that fun and ethereal vibe. Be the Doja Cat of your friend group when you are going out. You’ll definitely like this hairstyle if you’re naturally the life of the party. There is a wide range of ways to wear double buns, you don't need any fancy tools, and it works on almost all hair lengths and all hair textures.

Curly Pop of Color

Meg the Stallion wearing colorful curls
WOW, your peers when you step out with flirty colors. Female rappers like Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Meg the Stallion are known to wear weaves with bright flashy colors. If you have the ego to match this eye-catching style then why not add some curls too! Going to your local hair store can allow you to match colors to your skin tone to see what colors complement you and your style the best.

Tribal Braids with Curls

Jordyn Woods wearing tribal braids with curls
Seeking those tribe vibes? Often called Fulani braids and characterized by a middle part, many stars like Erykah Badu and Alicia Keys are known to show their ancestral lineage through their style. Mix a bit of that cultural honor with flowing curls and you've got a winning style. Exploring your African roots through your hairstyling is a great way to express your tradition and feel like a goddess.

Bob Cut Curls

Model wearing a curly bob cut
There is never a dull moment with curly bobs. We love the unique and cool look of the curly bob and depending on your lifestyle you would appreciate a shorter weave because it’s easier to style and manage on a day-to-day basis. We all know curls do what they want when they want to, so naturally, you’ll get a messy, yet neat look. This short hairstyle is popular using headband hair wigs and looks so pretty on black women. Opt for shorter curls like this during the hotter months for a little relief from the heat without missing a bounce.

Curly Ombre

Model wearing ombre
Hair with a gorgeous blend of colors is truly an art form all on its own. With ombre, you can choose between 2, 3, and sometimes more colors to have a custom balayage or ombre done for you. We love ombre because of its way of allowing us to express ourselves with an array of different color patterns. Some of the more sophisticated natural colors like shades of brunette, blonde, and black hair are available if you desire, but many opt for colors that can shake things up a bit.

Half Up Half Down Curls

Model wearing half up half down curls
Play it cool with this 50/50 style giving the best of both worlds. You will love the length of a long curly weave and also the benefit of the hair being pulled away from your face. A key benefit of rocking half up half down curls is that the look is very appropriate for many different settings and occasions. Using the curly hair extensions or lace front wig of your choice and the right hair products you can create this look yourself Add sleek baby hairs to match the smooth edges for a nice touch.

Blowout Curls

Ayesha Curry wearing blowout curls
Want that natural blowout look without heat damage to your natural hair? The kinky blowout weave would be a great choice for your next protective style. A blowout stretches your curls creating a fuller disco look that is sure to make people stare in awe. With the relatively new hair type of afro human hair weave on the market, you can create the body and softness of natural blown-out textured hair. Be sure you wrap your hair at night or put your curls in a roller set to preserve your luscious locks.

Low Curly Ponytail

Model wearing a low curly ponytail
Ponytails are more than our go-to gym hairstyle and bad-hair-day rescue, it’s a complete look. This classy and curly option is the glamorous, low-maintenance option many tend to overlook. Low ponytails are regal, can easily be installed with human hair bundles, and passes as a natural, fresh look. If you have been wanting to try long hair without the fuss, this style is a great place to start. Make this style your own with side bangs, a middle or side part, and a few accessories.

Beachy Brown Waves

Justine Skye wearing beachy brown waves
Brown hair is such a beautiful choice of natural colors. Its warm, relaxed vibe compliments so many skin tones. These soft waves take us to paradise and will make you feel like a legit bombshell. Also known as loose waves, styling can be achieved with a curling iron or a flat iron making this soft look more accessible and easy to do. The idea is to curl hair a few inches off the roots creating a full voluminous style.

Curly Updo

Model wearing a curly updo
Elegance is calling and it's for you. Jazz your curls up with a few bobby pins and some hairspray. The beauty of this style is that you can have a curly waterfall of hair one day and pull it up into a fancy updo the next day. This hairstyle is not only just for special events like weddings and celebrations. You can put some fancy in your everyday festivities too!

Corkscrew Curls

Model wearing corkscrew curls
Corkscrew curls are the new wave and they are created with a technique that involves wrapping a section of hair around the wand of a curling iron tightly to create a spiral, coil-like curl. There are different size curling irons for a variety of sized corkscrew curls, and this method is sometimes used to create the look of small and tightly coiled hair too. There are also pre-crimped human hair bundles that come packaged as deep wave hair extensions.

Crimped Curls

Model wearing crimped curls
Crimps were very popular in the 80s, but have come back to steal the show. There is something about those crisp deep waves that can take your look to the next level. To be honest It doesn't get wavier than that. Lots of spritz or hair spray may be used to keep your crimps in place, so they will stay secure overnight. Smaller crimps tend to give a more afro look while larger crimps are more sleek and polished.

Curly Shag

KeKe Palmer wearing curly shag
Shaggy curls are the vibe this season and just about every other season since the style was popularized in the 1980s. We love that every curl type can be shaped into the shag style cut. From body waves and loose wavy hair types to curly human hair; If you prefer a particular type of curl for your shag you can bet there is a lace front wig and lace closure for you. The key to a good shag style weave is a great haircut and keeping the curls defined and tangle-free.

Life isn't perfect, but your curls can be! Which curly style did you love the most?

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