Top Picks for Summer 2021

Summer’s here. It means you can leave those heavy coats at home and finally wear those warmer colors. But spring fashion isn’t easy. Some days will be hot, cold, or even both.

Don’t worry! That just means you have options. Here are our top picks for spring 2021 and why you need to add this to your daily fits.

1. Full Body Shaper

With spring weather comes lighter and tighter-fitting fabrics. The full-body shaper is a lifesaver. Its soft nude color doesn’t show through most clothing, the adjustable straps make it really comfortable, and it discreetly shapes your body.

It fits comfortably under-fitted dresses and clothing, making everything look and feel better. Choose between nude and black to match your spring wear perfectly.

2. V Hem Open Fork Sexy Dress

The V hem open fork dress is perfect for the Summer. The ruffled edges and long sleeves are great for those days that are a little too cold but not enough to throw on a jacket. 

It’s made from a comfortable and breathable fabric, so get to look and feel sexy. How you look is just as important as how you feel.

3. Floral Long Sleeve Mini Dress

If you want to feel cool and classy at the same time, this dress is a great way to get a bold and eye-catching look. The floral pattern is perfect for the spring, and the long sleeves are great for that in-between weather.

The vibrant tones are eye-catching and colorful, making you stand out wherever you go. It features a v line, ruffled edges, and beautiful puffed shoulders. 

4. Seductive Laced Denim Corset

All coats are off. It’s time to show off your curves with the seductive laced denim corset. This is a corset made for your body, making you feel comfortable and looking your best. It’s almost like spring was made for denim.

This laced corset is available in black, blue, and light blue. It goes great with a crisp white shirt, dress, and heels.

5. Plus size solid 3 piece legging set

Name something more versatile than leggings. Not only do they go with everything so that you can switch between warm and cool fits as the temperature changes throughout the day. But that’s not the only reason this 3 piece legging set makes our top picks for spring.

It comes in five colors: magenta, coral, royal blue, mustard, and fuchsia. Whether you are going out to enjoy the day on a nice picnic or a stroll through the city, you can’t go wrong with this set.

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