Top 5 slimming plus size outfits for rectange body shapes

By Plus Size Stylist Ann Polycarp - 7/1/22

As any woman knows, finding the perfect outfit can be a challenge.

But for plus-size women, it can sometimes feel impossible.

Especially since every woman has different body type, whether is apple, pear, or hourglass Whether you're shopping for eveningwear or casual wear, it can be difficult to find clothes that are both stylish and flattering.

However, there are tricks and secrets for plus size women to look trendy, flirty, and sexy as a plus size woman while still hiding the midsection area

Here are five of the best slimming plus-size outfits for rectangel body shapes that will have you looking and feeling your best.

V Neck A Line Dress

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A-line is the name of the triangle-like silhouette that begins fitted, typically starting at the waist, and gets gradually wider from the hips down to the hem.

It echoes the shape of a capital A they accentuate below the hip, which slims the silhouette.

Plus Size Rainbow Pleat Dress

Available in different colors

The pleat dress has slimming effect because of how the pleats draw attention to to below the hip

White and Navy are the best selling colors, but this pleat dress is available in different colors

Plus Size Lace Dresses

Available in different colors

The slimming effect of the lace accentuates your body shape, while the sheer fabric allows you to show off just the right amount of skin.

Black is our favorite color because of the slimming affect, but the dress is available in different colors 

Single Sleeve Tulle Maxi Dress

Available in different colors

The tulle skirt billows out in a way that flatters your figure, while the fitted bodice accentuates your waist. And because the dress is floor-length, it also has a slimming effect. Whether you're attending a wedding, a formal dinner party, or a black-tie gala, a tulle maxi dress will help you look your best. 

Deep V neck Solid Color Dress w/ Leggings

Available in different colors

This two piece jumpsuit dress is flowly enough to feel comfortable, but fun and flirty enough to wear out. 

Shop Plus Size two piece dress

Bonus - Shapewear

Available in different styles

No matter what outfit you choose, shapewear helps to make you look thinner because it keeps everything in place.

Whether it's a backless bra, a pair of high waisted shorts, or a full body shaper,

Shapewear is a must for a slimming look that will help you look amazing and grab compliments

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