Top 5 Slimming Plus Size Outfits of 2022 

By Plus Size Stylist Ann Polycarp

As any woman knows, finding the perfect outfit can be a challenge. But for plus-size women, it can sometimes feel impossible.

Especially since every woman has different body type, whether is apple, pear, or hourglass

Whether you're shopping for eveningwear or casual wear, it can be difficult to find clothes that are both stylish and flattering.

However, there are tricks and secrets for plus size women to look trendy, flirty, and sexy as a plus size woman while still hiding the midsection area

Here are five of the best slimming plus-size outfits that will have you looking and feeling your best.

Plus size Shapewear helps to make you look thinner because it keeps everything in place.

Whether it's a backless bra, a pair of high waisted shorts, or a bra, Shapewear is a must for that snatched look

2. A Line Dresses

A-line is the name of the triangle-like silhouette that begins fitted, typically starting at the waist, and gets gradually wider from the hips down to the hem.

It echoes the shape of a capital A. The term was first coined in 1955 by Christian Dior

A line dresses are slimming because they accentuate below the hip

See Art Tattoo Blazer Panstsuit

3. Flowly sets that have stretch

These sets are giving in all the right places. Sets with stretch help by hiding belly and are perfect for Apple Body Types

The suit comes in four different color combinations

Here is one type of clothing that always looks great on plus-size women: the pantsuit.

A pantsuit is the perfect way to show off your curves, and it can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion and hide the belly.

5. Pleated Dresses

The pleat dress is perfect for providing a slimming effect because of again how the pleats accentuate below the hip

The lightweight fabric is great in warm weather but also workable when it's not so hot outside!

And with our matching blazer available individually or as an entire set-this one piece can't be missed this season

"I mean look at me. This jacket is AMAZING, I love it. It's stylish and soft. It's a head turner. I got compliments all night. "
 - Alison W  


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