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Vlogger Picks: Alexandra of Learning to Be Fearless

Beauty is more than skin deep.
If you want proof, then sit down and chat with (more like listen to) vlogger Alexandra of LearningToBeFearless. She's beauty and brain; she speaks her mind, has a vision, and is a talented make up artist. Add to all of this a sincere love for fashion. It's no wonder we were instantly fans.
We are honored and happy to share with you Alexandra's Posh Shoppe Picks for October.
** Just updated this article with Alexandra's Posh Shoppe Picks for November. See below!
Most items are now sold out, but don't worry great new styles and more vlogger picks are in store.
See video for outfit details.
Follow Alexandra on:
INSTAGRAM @learningtobefearless
TWITTER @alexandraairene

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Caty Lane - November 10, 2015

I am so happy to see Alexandra modeling here. I bought 3 of the outfits she modeled on her youtube channel and tonight I found more I am going to get. I really wish the red checkered shirt dress would come back in stock. It is SO cute.
Well, just saying “hey” to Alexandra and congrats on modeling!
Your fan, Caty Lane

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